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Recommended Articles, Podcasts, and Resources


Which Foods Have the Lowest Carbon Footprint? |
How much greenhouse gas does the production of different foods cause measured in miles driven or lightbulb hour equivalents?
New Study Shows a Vicious Circle of Climate Change Building on Thickening Layers of Warm Ocean Water
Global warming is deepening blankets of warmer water that alter ocean currents, hinder absorption of carbon, intensify storms and disrupt biological cycles.
‘Apocalyptic’ fires are ravaging the world’s largest tropical wetland
Researchers fear South America’s Pantanal region will never recover.
Win-Win Dietary Solutions to the Climate Crisis |
The EAT-Lancet Commission lays out the best diet for human and planetary health.
Remaking the Economy: Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Justice

Food Sovereignty

Regeneration—from the Beginning
‘Doing more with less’: How this Utah company is using tech to feed cattle
Using vertical and indoor farming, Utah-based Grōv Technologies has created an automated indoor growing system that grows fresh animal feed in an effort to help dairy and beef farmers become economically and environmentally viable.


America’s last wilderness is about to go to the highest bidder for oil drilling | Kim Heacox
Ten thousand years of undisturbed nature will soon be open to the highest bidder, starting at $25 an acre


‘Whatever it takes’: how Black women fought to mobilize America’s voters
On-the-ground efforts led to huge turnout among people of color, particularly in cities that helped push Biden to victory

Medicare for All

Five Things House Progressives Can Do to Advance Medicare for All
Forcing a House floor vote on Medicare for All isn’t a bad idea. But we should prioritize wielding power over engaging in spectacles — and there are several steps progressive lawmakers like AOC can take to substantively shift power toward Medicare for All’s supporters.


Discussing the Future of Social Media-Driven Protests With Zeynep Tufekci
OneZero is partnering with Big Technology, a newsletter and podcast by Alex Kantrowitz, to bring readers exclusive access to interviews with notable figures in and around the tech industry. This…