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5 Easy Ways to Fundraise for Your Organization

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Heather Seely
5 Easy Ways to Fundraise for Your Organization

In this digital era, fundraising has evolved past knocking on doors, mailing letters, and cold calling. There are many different ways to raise funds for your cause using the power of technology.

Following these five tips will make fundraising an easy, painless process — even while socially distanced.

1. Appeal to people who already support the cause

Take advantage of the power of social platforms. Most people have a cause close to their hearts but don't know how to support it directly. It’s simply a matter of finding those people and giving them a tangible way to help.

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Creating a Facebook page, LinkedIn, and WeAct profile for your organization will help you reach a larger audience. Use a range of hashtags to increase the viewership of people with similar interests #WeActTogether.

2. Tell a story

It’s easier to get people interested in your cause if you make it personal. Tell the story of getting involved and why this mission is important to you. If you're fundraising for an established organization, explain their origin story and the positive ways they've impacted your community.

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Naturally, people are drawn to connect with other passionate, caring individuals. Explaining why this organization's mission is close to your heart through a thoughtful article or short video will leave a lasting impression.

3. Keep people informed

Donors must know how their donations are being used, so it's important to thoroughly inform on how the money is spent. This will help the credibility of your organization and also get them excited about your successes.

Provide real life examples of how the resources are being used to help people and make a concrete impact on society. As a result, your supporters will feel like they're part of creating significant change.

4. Create an event

Now that you have a WeAct organization profile set up, it’s time to create an event. Get creative! There are a million things you could do. Here are some ideas that you can even do during a lockdown.

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  • Online happy hour: Offer an online class where you — or a volunteer bartender — teach people how to make cocktails. You can sell the tickets or provide the class in exchange for a donation. For an alcohol-free version, teach participants how to make an herbal tea. Provide ingredients beforehand and give live instructions for turning the different herbs into a delicious blend.
  • Live-streamed concert: We probably won’t be returning to massive live events for a while, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the power of music to raise funds for your cause. Reach out to local bands who are willing to play for free (for exposure, publicity, or because they are also supporters of your cause). Set up a live-streamed concert in exchange for tickets or donations. This idea could also apply to stand-up shows or other theatrical performances.
  • Baked goods raffle: Reach out to local bakeries who might be interested in your mission to see if they're willing to donate an array of baked goods. Then make tickets and raffle the lot.
  • Exercise class: This is a fun idea you can host in a park, where you can be outdoors while properly socially-distanced and wearing masks. Reach out to local trainers or fitness instructors and pitch them your idea. Charge an entry fee and let people exercise, do yoga, dance, or Zumba for a good cause! You could also turn it into a virtual class and have participants pledge a specific amount of miles, or sun salutations, they plan to do independently.

As you can see, there are a lot of events you can plan to fundraise. Just make sure to abide by social distancing laws in your state.

5. Reach out to people who've helped you before

If your organization has been around for awhile, then it's likely some people have donated before. Consider reaching out to them in a kind, respectful manner. If you can, call them to spread the word that you're fundraising again.

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Remember to update them about how their money has been used in the past and how you will use it again. You might be surprised at how many people are willing to donate again if you only ask.

Let us know what you think about these ideas and share the methods you've used to fundraise with other activists on WeAct!