Why we use Dfinity

WeAct on the Internet Computer (WeAct-IC) is an all-in-one application that provides group messaging, video chat, and task crowdsourcing on a decentralized network. The platform is built for social activism but can support any volunteer-based or common-interest group.  It is a port of a newly completed Web 2.0 app available now in both the Apple and Android App Stores.

The goal is to provide all-in-one communications & change management capabilities to millions of change makers around the globe.

Key features include 
- Group Messaging
- Agile Meeting Management Tool
- Breakout Rooms for large meeting rooms
- Simple Tasks Management
- Assigning and track task progress
- Event Management (in-app and offline)
- Video Conferencing (w/Live YouTube Streaming)
- Group Recruiting Tools, and User Profiles that link a person's causes & skills to their identity.   

What is Dfinity IC?
In the words of the Dfinity Foundation, “The Internet Computer extends the functionality of the public Internet so that it can host backend software, transforming it into a global compute platform.”Scroll down for a great video overview. (Thank you Michael Panik.)

Why build on blockchain?
Internet services are continuously being monopolized by large corporations who chronically misuse and sell customer data and information. Blockchain and IC allows “open” versions of mainstream internet services to be created, such as social media websites or SaaS business services, that run as part of the fabric of the Internet itself. These new open services can provide users with far superior guarantees about how their data is processed and moreover can share their user data and functionality with other internet services using permanent APIs that can never be revoked, eliminating “platform risk” and allowing for dynamic and collaborative extension of the ecosystem in a way that generates mutualized network effects. 

Why IC?
Dfinity's IC will allow us to offer a secure, scalable, transparent, decentralized, energy-efficient, and community-owned/governed platform.  In addition, it will support a token model allowing for a diverse set of new features and incentivized elements to engage more people in volunteer work and increase the impact of social causes. 

WeAct-IC will include a tokenomics model (for community governance, and incentivized participation), moderation bots, ML to match users and donors to causes, NFT badges for achievements, attending events, and donations. It will also include impact dashboards for donors and volunteers to track the success of groups they support and or are following.  

In-App Fundraising
WeAct-IC will offer in-app fundraising tapping into billions of dollars donated annually to social causes (but with lower transaction fees) and allow crypto investors to easily donate to the causes they support.  WeAct-ICP will employ NFTs for digital asset donations which can be auctioned off by causes as an on-chain fundraising technique. 

Looking into the Future
WeAct-IC will also form the basis for two other products in our pipeline. WeDo a business-focused collaboration platform akin to Slack+Zoom on-chain and WeSolve a university/public/private sector research, collaboration & data-sharing platform. 

WeAct-IC is currently under development for browser and mobile clients.  We expect the early beta to be open for testing in Q4.  We are also actively developing a token Lite Paper which will be shared with the community in early Q4/late Q3.  

For more information or for any questions please contact us at weact@oblivion.io