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Manage your organization

Ever feel overwhelmed by logistics? From our platform you can reach everyone in your group, delegate tasks, create teams, vote for decisions, and volunteer yourself for certain needs.

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Create and share events

Schedule events for in-app, on your favorite video app, or live and in-person! Track registrations. Send updates. Link chat rooms to online events to collect vital feedback and follow-up with attendees.

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Connect with passionate change makers worldwide

Use our tools to build your team. Find your perfect web designer, social media manager, and more, all with a common mindset working towards your groups' goal.

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V1 Key Features


1-on-1 and group conversations. Share documents, pics, videos, and links. Create moderators to share the load.

Connect with Other Apps

Connect WeAct chatrooms to Slack, Telegram, Discord, and WhatsApp. Don't let platforms keep you apart. Pool your strengths!

Video Calls

Group video calls with up to 100 attendees. Invite members inside and outside of WeAct.

Live Video Streaming

Stream your meetings, training sessions, and in-the-field actions on your YouTube channel.

User Profiles

Share your skills, interests, and the causes you support. Network with like-minded people and find new causes to get behind.

Group Profiles

Promote your group, share your charter, cause, and accomplishments. Recruit new members and interact with other groups. Groups can be public or private, you decide.

Task Manager

Create tasks for your group. Delegate or ask for volunteers. Track progress and share notes. Crowdsource work as your group scales up. Think of it as a "help wanted" board .

Multiple Group Management

Easily switch between multiple groups that you are part of and all of your tasks, events, and conversations will switch with you.

Event Manager

Schedule event for in-app, on your favorite video app, or live and in-person. Track registrations, send updates, and link chat rooms. Afterward, collect feedback and follow up. Turn events into actionable projects and tasks!

Last updated August 11, 2021